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Online ADR for You

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I now do online ADR—both mediations and arbitrations—using Zoom. Online ADR is easy! It allows for excellent communication and success! I will consider the use of other video conferencing platforms if the parties so desire.

With Zoom, you can easily access remote ADR free of charge when you do it with me. We can do such things as hold joint sessions, caucus, utilize secure breakout rooms, and share documents. The Zoom breakout room function permits a party to only see and hear others in that room, and it also allows persons to move in and out of the room, including me. The whole ADR process is controlled principally by me as the host.

Confidentiality rules continue to apply. I would also insist on full and fair participation, no recording of the proceedings unless agreed to, privacy, and proper compliance with all rules generally pertaining to ADR.

I work hard to run the ADR in an orderly and secure way. I require that you do not use public Wi-Fi, and I expect you to utilize a secure, reliable, and fast internet connection.

I suggest that you practice with Zoom which, again, is easy to use. Go to —to gain familiarity with Zoom’s workings. The Zoom tutorials which you can access at its Resources tab are helpful. For our ADR, and because I have a paid-for Zoom account, there will be no short time restriction placed on my ADR work with you. I’m ready to work with you free of charge before the mediation session, to make sure you’re comfortable with Zoom’s basic functions.

Technology may pose issues, and, if we run into a problem, which sometimes happens, we will work it out.

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